Black Obsidian Wolf Necklace


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Obsidian is a natural glass formed by the sudden cooling of magma flowing out of volcanic lava. It is an amorphous gemstone. The black obsidian wolf necklace is the best mascot for transporting and warding off evil spirits.

Obsidian, also known as “Tokachi stone”, has very powerful and pure energy and has an excellent effect on warding off evil spirits. The obsidian wolf necklace can eliminate a large amount of negative energy around the human body and protect the physical and mental health of the wearer. Help the wearer to strengthen the kidneys and also effectively relieve the symptoms of insomnia. It is also called “Apache Tears” and “Gem of No More Weeping” by Indians, which can bless lovers who are in love forever and never be separated.

  • Black Obsidian
  • Pendant size: 1.97″x1.57″
  • Chain length: 25.2 inch
  • Beads: 0.24 inch


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