Elephant Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


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The elephant wooden jigsaw puzzle offers many benefits in helping kids grow and develop their skills and talents. They are best for toddlers and young preschool kids. Available in two styles.

The Benefits of Elephant Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle:

  • Hand-eye coordination by grasping and placement of puzzle pieces
  • Knowledge of various shapes and sizes
  • Problem-solving skills when they master the assembly of each puzzle
  • Sense of pride in a job well-done, enhancing self-confidence/self-image
  • Enhanced memory capabilities, as they recall what they did and learned
  • An understanding of the concept of sequencing in puzzle piece placement
  • Recognition of various colors
  • Identification of objects, animals, and other jigsaw puzzle contents

Colorful Elephant: 8.9×11.8 inch – 200pcs
Elephant with Crown: 10.2×10.9 inch – 200pcs
Material: Wood
Weight: 250g


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