Wooden Animal & Vehicle Puzzle Toys For Kids


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The wooden animal & vehicle puzzle toys accompany the child’s childhood life. The wooden animal puzzle is great for number, figure, color cognition, and hand-eye coordination. Smooth and burr-free. Rich pattern-style puzzles. Best for kids’ early education development.

The Benefits of Wooden Animal & Vehicle Puzzle:

  • Recognize Shapes – Recognize the shapes of puzzle pieces through the clues between them.
  • Let the children do puzzles according to the concave and convex patterns of the bottom board or according to the numbers. Make it easy for your child to learn.
  • Aesthetic color matching exercises your baby’s aesthetic ability.
  • Hand-eye coordination by grasping and placement of puzzle pieces
  • Knowledge of various shapes and sizes
  • Problem-solving skills when they master the assembly of each puzzle
  • Sense of pride in a job well-done, enhancing self-confidence/self-image
  • Enhanced memory capabilities, as they recall what they did and learned
  • An understanding of the concept of sequencing in puzzle piece placement
  • Recognition of various colors
  • Identification of objects, animals, and other jigsaw puzzle contents

Wooden Puzzles Care Instructions:

  • Do not wash with water: the toy will swell and deform when exposed to water, causing the paint surface to fall off.
  • Gently Wipe: Dab the surface with a clean rag or handkerchief.
  • Do not get wet: wooden toys are prone to dampness and mildew. Please do not put them in damp places. Please store them in a ventilated place.
  • Do not expose to the sun: too long drying time will cause cracks and affect the appearance.


  • Size: 10×21.5 cm / 3.93×8.46 inch
  • Weight: about 150g/set
  • Material: wood
  • Recommended Age: over 36 months

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